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Pillows: We manufacture soft & comfortable pillows with high-quality fiber.
Color: White, as per your requirement.
Available Size: 18” x 22″, 18” x 24”, 18″ x 26”
Additional Feature: Light Weight, Premium Quality, Well Filled


Cushion: Offering cushions at every price point from traditional cotton fabrics to contemporary patterns &
much more.
Material: Non-woven / Pc Fabric
Filler: Ball Fiber, Crush Fiber
Available Size: 14” x 14” , 18″ x 18″, 20” x 20”
Texture: Soft & Comfortable
Additional Feature: Premium Quality, Well Filled


Quilt: Producing luxurious vibrant design & color. Quilts with the computerized automatic machine to provide a cozy Quilt.
Filler: Polyester / Polyfill
Available Size: 84” x 90”
Material: 100% cotton
Maintenance: Easy to wash & dry.


Bedsheet: We have print & pattern designs as per the requirement. We offer you the finest quality at an affordable price.
Material: 100% cotton
Available Size: 90” x 100” , 95” x 105”
Texture: Soft & Comfortable
Maintenance: Easy to wash & dry.

Baby Set

Baby Set: Baby Set & pillows made with soft fabric, the perfect place to cuddle up.
Material: 100% high-quality fiber
Available Size: 35” x 40”
Texture: Soft & comfortable
Maintenance: Easy to wash & dry.